Ways to Donate

Bone Marrow Donation

Donating bone marrow involves a surgical outpatient procedure using anesthesia. Doctors collect marrow from the back of the donor’s pelvic bone. After donation, donors may feel soreness in the lower back. Donors are typically back to their normal routine within 2 to 7 days. Click here to learn more.


PBSC (peripheral blood stem cell)


Non-surgical, outpatient procedure called aphaeresis. The donor receives a drug for 5 days prior to donation to increase the number of stem cells in the blood stream.

Keep in Mind

  • Registering doesn’t automatically make you a donor.
  • You must match with a patient in need in order to donate.
  • Matches are made based off the tissue sample given through the cheek swab.
  • The donation process (PBSC & Bone Marrow) is chosen based on what the patient you matched with needs.
  • If you are called as a potential match for a patient, you are committing to at least 20-30 hours spread over 4-6 weeks in order to attend info sessions and appointments.
  • You only need to register once and will be listed on the registry until you’re 61.
  • There is no cost to register if you are between the ages of 18 and 44.
  • You can register between the ages of 44 and 61 with a $100 tax-deductible payment.
  • There is no cost to donate.
  • You will not be paid to donate.
  • Make sure to keep Be The Match profile contact info (email, phone, postal address) up to date.

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